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  • Ian McClain

2018 EVH 5150III

Metal Monster!

The new 2018 EVH is finally here. One perfect amp for any person who is ready to weild it's power. The EVH is a three channel amp that has a clean, crunch and high-gain channel. In 2018 there have not been very many major differences in the model but once nice thing was added; the clean and crunch channel now have dual concentric volume and gain knobs. This allows for you to easily dial in each of your favorite tones with ease.

Green Channel

EVH has teamed up with fender to design the green clean channel that many players desire in their sound. It truly is a magical and crystal clear sound... but when you crank the gain you get nice and sweet break up. Just this single channel alone really allows one player to express his or her self and many different and dynamic ways. It'll pair up well with any guitar in your collection.

Blue Channel

The blue crunch channel is one channel that is not to be taken lightly. It delivers that clean and yet high gain crunch that every musician desires in their sound. It does take some time to fiddle with and get your ears used to but once you have discovered the perfect tone you're ready to rock for days. The blue channel offers a rather well balanced warm and bright tone together. A very full tone as well, it suits just about anything. If you are a pedal person this channel responds very well to pedals such as a boost or delay.

Red channel

The red high-gain channel is a monster with any and every guitar that goes through it. There are not words that can describe the satisfaction that will come with this channel. This amp was made to deliver the most brutal of modern metal although back to the best of the 80's. This channel has separate EQ settings from the clean and crunch which allows you to keep your settings no matter what. This amp delivers a full tone that will cut through any mix or any live show that it is used in.

Will I recommend this?

You're darn right I'll be recommending this amp to any and every guitarist I meet along my journey. This amp is by far one of the most versatile guitar amps on the market, for an amazing price too I might add. If you're looking for the best amp for the money then look no further for this review is all the evidence you need. Any one who has played this amp will not disagree!

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