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  • Ian McClain

Muziclight Wall Hangers are here!

Greatness awaits!

Welcome to the world of color and brightness! Ever wanted to show off your most pristine stringed instruments? Well now you can with the brand new Muziclight wall hangers! These beautiful wall hangers will let you hang your guitars, violins, ukuleles, and banjos for the world to see!

Purple Muziclight Hanger

Let's take a look!

This small company offers you the chance to light up your rooms with beautiful vibrant lights! With many color options ranging from red, white, blue, and green! This allows you to find just the right color for you and your guitars to let them shine and reflect their beauty.

How it works?

You may be worried that these have a bunch of instructions to install all these lights and screws but no! All of it comes preinstalled; just a couple turns of a screw and you're in action. There are 3 preinstalled LED lights that run off of two AA Batteries. The battery life seems to be one of the greatest factors when it comes to these lights! They haven't been changed since I have gotten them. I certainly believe that this is the perfect innovation to the standard wall hanger.

Would I recommend this?

Yes I would certainly recommend this to anyone who would want to spruce up their home studio and or bedroom studio with some stunning LED lights. It brightens up the room and truly adds character to the guitar.

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