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  • Ian McClain

Ghost plays at Cincinnati's Taft Theater!

Ghost Live

Ghost knocks down the door at Taft theater in Cincinnati! Almost three years ago I was introduced to Ghost by a friend of mine. I finally had the opportunity to see them live at the Taft theater. Ghost is one amazing band ranging from their amazing music to their most intricate stage moves.

Who is Ghost?

I am not one to tell you much about this band. Ghost has many small parts to it that are very complicated. They are said to all have kept their identities hidden from the public adding to the anticipation of every show they play. I really believe that they did a great job of gaining their publicity as they have shot up in popularity. I have seen countless fans go out of their to try and figure out who each and every player is. There is so much lore about this band it is rather unavailable!

Ghost has 7 albums out as of today and they are working on there next one that is due to release sometime this year! If ghost is near you I do highly recommend that you go and see them. It is one live show that you will not forget for the rest of your life. I will leave a link down below if you'd like to learn more!

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