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  • Ian McClain

Chapman ML3 Obsidian Burst

Lets talk for a little!

To start off I would like to say wow, Chapman Guitars really know how to make some stunning guitars. I was on the search for a perfect guitar for almost 8 years, and well I have finally found it. Chapman definitely has made a name for their self's in the last few years and there is a lot to show for it. So lets take a look at what Chapman has to offer.


Chapman ML3 Hollow Body

To begin lets start with how stunning this instrument looks. It comes with a beautiful maple veneer on top of a maple cap! Something you don't find on many imported guitars. Chapman has taken their own little take on the modified F-Hole calling it a "modern design." I have to agree with their statement, it adds just a little extra froth to the guitar. Another nice little touch I noticed on this guitar were the brass saddles. I looked back on some older Chapman's and noticed that a lot of them have this. It is nice to see something high end like that in a guitar like this. Without going through every spec on this guitar another thing i'd like to point out was their attention to detail and QC. I also currently own the honey burst model and both guitars feel exactly the same. Not a rough fret edge to be felt. No oddities in the paint job either. All of it was masked off perfectly. I am quite a snob when it comes to little things like this but Chapman has checked all the boxes when it comes to this guitar. Now I will give my final review of this guitar.


My Final Verdict

Okay, so to wrap up my final thoughts I'd just like to say what an experience I have had with this guitar. There is really nothing bad to say about it. I have looked it up and down and I can not find anything. Now get ready for this, the Chapman's come from the factory with a molded hard shell case, strap locks that fit any strap of your liking and a fairly large cleaning cloth. For the price of this guitar there is nothing that I would change. If Chapman does another run of this guitar I will go out of my way to pick one up and review it as fast as I possibly can. The specs are amazing for the price that you are paying, stainless steel frets, glow in the dark side dots, maple cap, Hipshot locking tuners. You as a player can't go wrong with this guitar.


If you have questions

I hope all of you enjoyed reading up on this guitar. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me or message me on Instagram. You will not second guess this guitar, go out, find one, play one and then finally just buy one. If you would like to have a little more of an in depth review and a closer look at the specs head on over to my news page and you can check out a cool video on this guitar.

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